Gospelfest Barbados

May. 26, 2024 - May. 26,2024



Barbados Gospelfest: A Cultural Celebration of Gospel Music and Arts

The Barbados Gospelfest is renowned as the Caribbean's premier gospel music and arts festival. This annual event, dedicated to the local, regional, and international community, showcases a variety of performances. Join us during the last week of May for a memorable experience.

Event Schedule and Highlights

The festival features diverse events, including choral music, jazz, comedy, dance, theatre, and more, presenting top local, regional, and international gospel talents.

Choral Music

Experience soulful choral performances that resonate with deep gospel traditions.

Jazz Events

Enjoy a fusion of gospel and jazz, showcasing unique musical blends.

Comedy Shows

Laugh along with performances that blend humor with spiritual themes.

Dance Performances

Witness vibrant dance routines that express the joy of gospel music.

Theatre Productions

Engage with theatrical works that explore gospel narratives and themes.

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