Gwo-Ka Festival

Jul. 09, 2024 - Jul. 14,2024

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Inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible World Heritage List, Gwo-Ka is a symbol of Guadeloupe's cultural identity.

Thought by the slaves to express themselves and breathe after a hard day's work, Gwo-Ka was banned for a long time because it was linked to banned African rhythms. The main instrument is a drum, the Ka, which is made from a barrel and a goatskin. More than a musical style, Gwo-Ka is a cultural heritage, it is an instrument, a song, a dance that resounds to protest and celebrate, to cry and declare one's love. Gwo-Ka is a language.

Gwo-Ka festival is a large-scale free traditional festival, during which several percussionists, singers and dancers perform quality performances for a week. The aim is to offer the crowd a moment of sharing and conviviality with local flavours.

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