Reggae Month

Feb. 01, 2024 - Feb. 28,2024

See you next year


Reggae Month in Jamaica - A Celebration of Music and Culture

Reggae Month in Jamaica is an annual celebration held throughout February, dedicated to honoring and celebrating the country's rich reggae music culture. This globally recognized event pays tribute to the immense impact and contributions of reggae music and its various genres. Participate in an array of activities such as live music concerts, dance performances, film screenings, lectures, and exhibitions dedicated to the essence of reggae music and its legendary icons.

The festivities feature both prominent and emerging reggae artists from local and international stages, showcasing a wide range of reggae styles from roots and dub to dancehall and ska. "Reggae Month" is more than just a music celebration; it's a reflection of the vibrant Jamaican culture, its history, and its profound influence on the global music scene.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the authentic sounds and rhythms of reggae music. Join us in Jamaica this February for a month-long celebration that promises unforgettable experiences and musical bliss.

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